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The Biden Administration takes office as the nation still faces an economic and health crisis from the coronavirus. Americans agree that our immediate priority must be on helping the American people get back to work, get their kids in school, and get a vaccine to everyone who wants it.

So we must measure policy proposals from the Biden administration against a simple question: will it help Americans in need?

That’s why it’s unfortunate that the first legislative plan that will be sent to Congress by President Biden, along with one of the first presidential actions, will prioritize help for illegal immigrants and not our fellow citizens.

The Biden plan to offer citizenship to more than 11 million illegal immigrants who have, for years, knowingly broken our laws is the wrong policy at the wrong time:

  • There are still 10.7 million unemployed American citizens (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1/8/21)
    • (6.7% unemployment rate)
  • Americans still have not recovered from the economic downturn caused by lockdowns. “Employment for the bottom quartile of American earners — those making less than $27,000 a year — remains more than 20% below January 2020 levels.” – (Bloomberg, 1/17/21)
  • Pushing a bill that grants citizenship to 11 million people living in the country illegally is an affront to the rule of law and will divert focus away from helping American citizens who want to go back to work.
  • This proposal encourages more illegal immigration, which further detracts resources and energy away from the needs of American citizens. It does not include any additional funds for physical infrastructure to protect our border.
  • This problem is worsened by President Biden’s irresponsible executive order to halt wall construction along the southern border.

These are just a few of the flaws of President Biden’s immigration plans. There are many more that Republicans will highlight in the days and weeks ahead.

When Americans are hurting here at home, we cannot justify spending our time and resources on not helping our own citizens who want nothing more than a return to normal. Nearly all agree that our nation’s immigration laws are in need of repair, but these are misplaced priorities that will only continue to exacerbate the financial burdens of the most economically distressed Americans.

President Biden, his administration, and Congressional Democrats should work with Republicans to help get Americans back to work.