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House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) issued the following statement in response to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol’s update on the number of encounters at the southwest border in September.

“Month after month since President Biden took office, the situation at our southern border has only continued to deteriorate. That alarming pattern stayed consistent through September when the border apprehensions once again remained astronomically high, exceeding any month totals during the previous administration. To date since President Biden took office, there have been over 1.4 million border apprehensions, more than the entire population of Dallas, Texas.

“Despite the flashing red warning signs, President Biden and his appointed border czar, Vice President Harris, continue to think they can wish the situation away and pretend that they are powerless  in the very crisis they created. It is embarrassing that it has gotten to the point where a foreign diplomat went on record to say that for months she ‘sounded the alarm’ about the thousands of migrants that were headed to our border and the Biden administration failed to take any action to get ahead of the surge.

“Instead of pointing to an ambiguous 2008 ‘border visit’ where he drove by it, President Biden needs to lean in to finding solutions at our southern border, stop encouraging lawlessness, and finally start to treat the border situation as the crisis it has spiraled into. At the bare minimum, his administration and Congressional Democrats must cease their plans of granting mass amnesty for up to 10 million illegal immigrants through their reconciliation bill, which will only lead to more surges and chaos for our border communities.”