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Remember last year when liberal cities across the country defunded their police departments to catastrophic effect? Well, while you were asleep last night, House Democrats voted to do it at the federal level.

The dangerous bill that Democrats snuck through last night doesn’t focus on common sense solutions like improving training, enhancing transparency, or reinforcing accountability. Instead, it forces mountains of new regulations on police departments without providing any money to comply. In Washington-speak, that’s called an unfunded mandate.

So what exactly does that mean? House Republicans asked that very question earlier this week in a letter sent to the Congressional Budget Office, and what we found was staggering.

It means hundreds of millions in new costs for police departments—the equivalent of 3,000 cops or more taken off of the streets. That would mean 3,000 fewer men and women in uniform keeping our communities safe.

And there are many other consequences, including:

  • Eliminating qualified immunity as a defense to police officers. Eliminating qualified immunity keeps officers from making crucial, life or death decisions to stop a lethal threat.
  • Banning “no-knock” warrants in drug cases. Even when the occupants are known to be armed and dangerous, or where the evidence sought could be destroyed.
  • Banning military equipment from law enforcement agencies. Military equipment is vital in life saving situations. A blanket ban puts citizens and law enforcement officers in danger.
  • Creating a federal database of all law enforcement officers. Without providing protections for officers wrongly accused or misidentified.

The evidence from the last year couldn’t be clearer: fewer police means more crime. If Democrats were serious about meaningful reform they would have come together with Republicans to pass a bipartisan solution that protects American citizens and the men and women charged with protecting them. Tragically, with their vote to defund the police last night, Democrats showed they want to do the opposite.