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As Leader McCarthy has been exposing in “The Leader’s Roundtable,” Democrats are committed to making the problems they have created worse – even if it means continuing to harm American citizens in the process.

Democrats are responsible for causing the worst crisis at our southern border we have seen in two decades. And instead of listening to the individuals and communities who are speaking out about how this is negatively impacting their families, Democrats want to worsen the already dire situation by incentivizing even more illegal immigration. The proposals included in their so-called spending bill offers mass amnesty to up to 10 million illegal immigrants, and will drive even more migrants to our border.

This damaging policy rewards those who disregard the rule of law, including human traffickers and drug smugglers. As Rep. John Rutherford (FL-04) said, “This is not just a border crisis, this is a United States crisis.”

House Republicans remain focused on highlighting the people and communities who are most adversely affected by the Democrats’ open-border policies. Last month, Leader McCarthy hosted a discussion that included these voices and members of the GOP Conference who have witnessed the Democrats’ border crisis firsthand.

Click below or here to watch Republicans reveal Democrats’ intentions.