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Legislation to Secure an Adequate and Reliable Supply of Critical Energy Resources
Rep. Fred Upton (MI-06)
Energy Innovation Agenda: Clean Energy Infrastructure
Bill: Securing America’s Critical Minerals Supply Act

Rep. Fred Upton is highlighting his Securing America’s Critical Minerals Supply Act to emphasize the importance of securing an adequate and reliable domestic supply of critical energy resources, including critical minerals, that are essential to the energy security of the United States.

From our energy grid to our batteries, technologies made from critical minerals power our lives, and it is in the nation’s interest to ensure the U.S. can create the supply to meet the demand.

“The nation’s clean energy transition is important as we aim to protect our planet for future generations. But at the same time, we must consider the supply of critical minerals as we aim to secure reliable, affordable energy for families and businesses across the United States,” Upton said. “We cannot trade in critical energy security for a dependence upon critical energy resources – including critical minerals and rare earth elements – from foreign actors like China who are not allies.”

The United States faces growing dependence on China and other countries for many of the 41 minerals that are essential to energy technologies, including batteries, solar and wind, according to testimony by Michelle Foss of Rice University’s Center for Energy Studies.

China has nearly 10 percent of the global lithium market and 80 to 90 percent of the rare earth mineral production – both necessary in producing electric vehicle batteries and wind and solar technologies. The United States has 1 percent of the global lithium market.

Upton’s legislation would require the Secretary of Energy to conduct ongoing assessments of the critical energy resource supply chains of the United States and any vulnerabilities in those supply chains.  Additionally, the Secretary must strengthen U.S. critical energy resource supply chains by, among other things, diversifying the sources of the supply of critical energy resources and increasing domestic production, separation, and processing of critical energy resources.

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