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Today marks the sixth month of President Biden’s first year in office, and in that short time, the agenda of this administration has directly hurt American families. We are facing crises across multiple fronts that didn’t exist before January 20, 2021.

1. Rising consumer costs:

Because of President Biden and Democrats’ “tax and spend” policies, Americans are left paying the highest prices they have paid in 13 years. For the third straight month, consumers have seen their day-to-day costs continue to rise, while they see the value of their dollar continue to decrease.

Whether it’s checking out at the grocery store, gas station, hardware store, or local department store, American families are paying significantly more for their everyday goods. This is especially devastating to single-parent or fixed income households who rely on every dollar of their monthly budgets to pay for bills and necessary purchases. Even worse news is that economists are expecting “higher inflation to stay for years.” There are direct testimonials from Americans explaining how these price increases have negatively impacted their day-to-day lives.


2. Crime surge happening across major American cities: 

One of the fundamental functions of government should be to provide safety to their citizens. Yet, over the past year we have seen how Democrats’ “defund the police” strategy has directly caused an alarming spike in crime, alienated police officers, and made our communities more vulnerable. As blue states and cities spent the past year defunding up to $1.2 billion from their budgets, the crime rates started to increase. 

This same “soft-on-crime” approach has been carried on by the Biden administration. After months of refusing to acknowledge the crime surge, President Biden finally addressed the crime situation, but has since failed to provide any clear strategy on how to counter the crime surge.

The solution to countering a crime epidemic couldn’t be clearer: we must fund and support our law enforcement. This is a message that has finally been received by liberal leaders in cities like D.C., New York, Austin, Minneapolis, and Portland who have all recently had to  reverse their original “defund the police” positions, and are now advocating for more police and law enforcement resources in their communities.


3. An out-of-control crisis at our southern border: 

For the third straight month, Border Patrol migrant encounters have surpassed the 20-year high of over 178,000 per month. And contrary to President Biden’s claim that the migrant surge was “seasonal,” that number hit a staggering 188,000 last month, a summer month that tends to see lower border crossings. That breaks down to 6,000 individuals per day that are trying to illegally enter our country.

Beyond the mass influx of illegal migrants, we are also seeing an alarming amount of drugs trying to be trafficked into our country. Last month there was 1,053 pounds of fentanyl seized at the southern border – that’s more than the last three Junes combined. This is especially concerning considering drug overdose deaths in the U.S. “soared by nearly 30%” last year, the sharpest increase we have seen in decades.

Despite all of these red flags, the Biden administration has done virtually nothing to try to curb the border crisis that is not only happening under his watch, but was a direct result of his policies and rhetoric. 


4. Weakened national security posture:

While our domestic problems continue to pile on, we are also forced to reckon with the fact that our adversaries are testing us at an unprecedented rate. Just this week it was reported the Chinese Communist government was behind the major hack of the Microsoft Exchange email server. This high-level incident follows several major disruptive cyber attacks that are believed to have been carried out by Russia. 

The President has yet to provide any assurance to the American people there will be any accountability for these direct attacks on our infrastructure and companies.


America is in crisis under this administration. In a few short months, President Biden and Congressional Democrats have single-handedly turned what should have been an economic recovery into a downturn. They have made our communities less safe, failed to protect our sovereignty at our southern border, and we are now under regular attack by our adversaries.

We cannot continue down this path. We must work together to restore our way of life, rebuild our economy, and renew the American dream. Under their Commitment to America, House Republicans have an agenda that will correct course, and get us back to a thriving economy.