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This week House Democrats stripped $1 billion from a funding bill that was supposed to be spent on Israel’s rocket-defense system, the Iron Dome. The party sent a message heard around the world that they no longer stand with the people of Israel in their mission to defend themselves from terrorist attacks.

Leader McCarthy quote:
“On the same day President Biden pledged to stand with our allies, House Democrats voted to deny Israel purely defensive equipment to protect its citizens from terrorist rockets. This decision was political, not ‘technical’. Democrats abandoned our ally to appease the pro-BDS, far-Left radicals who run their party. But despite their best efforts, the United States will support Israel’s right to defend itself and fund the Iron Dome system, and House Republicans will never waiver from that commitment. Speaker Pelosi must immediately bring legislation to restore Iron Dome funding to the floor for a vote.”

For nearly the decade the Iron Dome has been operational, it has helped save countless innocent lives from terrorist-led rocket attacks in Israel. Throughout its existence, the air defense system has intercepted thousands of rockets, and has an effectiveness rate of about 90% in preventing enemy rockets from being launched into Israeli cities.

In the latest conflict this past spring, Hamas militants fired more rockets into Israel than ever before that could have resulted in catastrophic casualties, but thankfully due to the modern defense technology of the Iron Dome, the damage was minimal. A local resident explained how the system helped to significantly minimize the damage: “If it wasn’t for the Iron Dome, all these rockets would have been falling on our heads and we would be counting our dead in the hundreds.”

Since its launch, the Iron Dome has received bipartisan support in the United States. It has also been a long-standing policy that received overwhelming support in Congress. For reference, in 2010, $205 million for Iron Dome was approved by the House on a vote of 410-4. And in August 2014, the House passed an emergency supplemental appropriation of $225 million by a vote of 395-8 in funding for the Iron Dome.

But throughout the past three years, an anti-Israel sentiment has started to take root in the Democrat Party. We saw it when some of their members were openly opposed to condemning the anti-Semitic BDS movement. We saw it when some of their members wrongly accused Israel of being an “apartheid state.” And we have seen that negative sentiment culminate this week with their caucus’ decision to pull $1 billion in funding to help our biggest ally in the Middle East ensure the Iron Dome continues to save lives.

Even the Democrat members who are willing to post pro-Israel comments on social media, are unwilling to actually show their support when it really counts. Yesterday evening, House Republicans offered an amendment that would have provided $1 billion to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome, but every one of the 214 Democrat members voted against it. Despite their empty words and fake outrage on Twitter, Representatives like Stephanie Murphy, Ellisa Slotkin, and Dean Phillips all opted to vote ‘no’ on legislation that could have had an impact.

This is not the time to waver on our commitment to a longstanding ally. House Republicans stand ready to help Israel defend itself against terrorists, and are calling on House Democratic leadership to immediately bring up a bill to the floor that would restore funding to the Iron Dome.